Small Business Spotlight of the Week admin | October 23rd, 2009

Vasili Economopoulos & Associates, PC

I recently sat down with a young, Chicago lawyer who has been practicing commercial and residential real estate law for a few years now and realized his dire need for business cards.  I asked if he tried any other routes to get his business cards done before crowdSPRING and got his crowdSPRING experience story to share with all of you.

As a practice of only a few guys, I couldn’t afford to hire a full-time designer, so my first step was asking a tech-savvy friend to help develop business cards.  Using Adobe Illustrator, I reviewed the five options I was given and liked them, but none of them really grabbed me.  I didn’t want them to be the normal, boring attorney business cards, but I didn’t want to be too flashy either.  As my friend felt my indecisiveness in picking one of the five options, we started doing a search for business card design online and stumbled upon crowdSPRING. After looking over the site, I thought it was a great option and moved forward with my project (this will be a link to it).  With 63 entries to choose from, I found the perfect look and am now ready to lay down the law in Chicago.

We also asked Mr. Economopoulos a couple questions on advice he had for other small business owners:

1. What is your small business bible?  As in, what is a must-read every day for all small business owners and employees?

I need to get better about reading the paper everyday and think that’s a pivotal source of information, but lately I’ve been focusing on law books – mostly real estate law books.  It’s definitely important to constantly read up on the industry you’re in.

2. If your best friend told you they wanted to start a business and asked for your best piece of advice, what would it be?

It is a rewarding and challenging experience.  Be prepared for the unexpected but do not be afraid to move forward with your plan to start off on your own.  I am happy with my decision to start my own and would make [the same decision] again.

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