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Small Business Spotlight of the Week: NinjaDog Concepts

admin | December 21st, 2011 Picture-3.png

I knew that this week, right before the holidays, our small business spotlight had to feature something warm and fuzzy and completely heartwarming. I was going for It’s A Wonderful Life meets The Miracle on 34th Street meets a batch of chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven.  And I think I almost got it. A […]

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Forget Rock Star and Ninja – How About Warewolf?

Ross Kimbarovsky | July 23rd, 2008 chad_paulson_large.jpg

The labels “rock star” and “ninja” are overused in software development.  After all, even the late Chris Farley was a ninja but he couldn’t even spell CSS. I’m suggesting a new label: warewolf. Hear me out. At the start of a complicated project, a developer usually starts out clean shaven and proper. Here is Chad, […]

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