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10 Ways Small Businesses Can Harness Big Crowds

Ross Kimbarovsky | November 4th, 2009 screen-shot-2009-11-04-at-13706-am-300x233.png

Would your small business benefit from reducing costs, improving product and/or service quality, more effectively competing with bigger companies, innovating more, enhancing your expertise, and better managing your own capacity and the capacity of your small team? You bet! In this post, I discuss 10 ways that your small business can leverage crowdsourcing. I’ll explain […]

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Jason Calacanis’s “120% Solution” is Wrong

Ross Kimbarovsky | December 5th, 2008 pete-sleeping-peacefully-web-300x199.jpg

Earlier this week, Jason Calacanis sent an essay to his mailing list titled “The 120% Solution”. A copy of the essay is posted to Calacanis’s blog. In his essay, Calacanis advocates working 20% more – by adding a sixth day to our workweek – until “America takes care of its debt, untangles the housing mess […]

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