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Small Business Spotlight of the Week: Twittapolls

admin | January 18th, 2012

So, we all know that social media is this thing that we’re supposed to use to promote our businesses. There are a billion articles telling small business owners that this is REALLY IMPORTANT and NECESSARY and VITAL,  or else we should go crawl into an analog, Web 1.0 hole and end it. This is mostly […]

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Can Ants Teach Us About Marketing on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube?

Ross Kimbarovsky | November 3rd, 2008 anthill1-300x225.jpg

Ants are fascinating insects. E.O. Wilson and Bert Hölldobler, in their 1991 Pulitzer Winning book The Ants, described an ant colony as a superogranism – a vast social network. The ants in the colony communicate with each other by following chemical trails left by other ants. (Photo by aristeos) What do ants have to do with social networks […]

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