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7 Important Packaging Design Trends

Amanda Bowman | September 18th, 2017

Packaging used to be inconvenient, hard to open, and uninspiring.  Much packaging still is. But smart companies have found that exceptional packaging can create brand value and a phenomenal customer experience. Packaging design is having its moment. You don’t have to look further than the unbelievable number of YouTube channels dedicated to the unboxing of […]

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Make Your Small Business Smarter with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Amanda Bowman | September 11th, 2017

Mention artificial intelligence (AI) to someone, and they’ll probably think of things like sentient robots or murderous computers. (“I’m afraid I can’t do that, Dave.”) You have to look no further than the phone in your pocket or the credit card in your wallet to know the truth: AI is no longer just a science […]

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Twitter Link Roundup #308 – Terrific Reads for Small Business, Entrepreneurs, Marketers, and Designers!

Amanda Bowman | September 8th, 2017

For hundreds of years, people have been worried that technology will replace people. Yet at every step, technology has also helped to create jobs. Today, with the increasing promise and prominence of Artificial Intelligence (AI), people are worried that computer intelligence will replace human intelligence. The Economist thoughtfully reassures us that while AI will unquestionably […]

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7 Things You Need To Know To Create an Effective Business Card

Amanda Bowman | September 5th, 2017

There are few statements as widespread in business as “Here’s my card.” Business cards have been a part of any entrepreneur’s self-promotion toolkit for a long time. How long? The Chinese handed out calling cards in the 15th century to let people know they planned to visit. The French in the 17th century swapped cards […]

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The Psychology of Design: Why Your Business Must Understand How Design Influences Customer Behavior

Amanda Bowman | August 28th, 2017

Design can be an incredibly powerful tool when you understand how psychology influence’s people’s behavior. Science has proven that people respond differently to shapes, colors, patterns, and other design elements. The good news is that you don’t need a degree in psychology to leverage good design practices in your own business or when you’re creating […]

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21 Ways To Market Your Small Business On A Shoestring Budget

Amanda Bowman | August 21st, 2017

Thinking of ways to market your small business can be overwhelming, especially when you consider the cost and return on investment. Big companies spend millions of dollars every year marketing and building their businesses. Small businesses have a similar need to get the word out but have much more modest budgets. Here’s the secret that smart […]

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30 Apps That Turn Your Phone Into A High-Powered Mobile Office For Your Business

Amanda Bowman | August 14th, 2017

Most business owners say that they lack the time to get everything done. This is especially true if your job involves travel. Travel puts extra pressure on our ability to deal with email, meet with our teams, review deliverables, etc. It doesn’t help that when we’re away from the office, we rarely have access to the […]

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Twitter Link Roundup #305 – Terrific Reads for Small Business, Entrepreneurs, Marketers, and Designers!

Amanda Bowman | August 11th, 2017

“We are punished by our sins, not for them.” ~ Elbert Hubbard Analyzing trust through game theory is a fascinating exercise. If there’s one major conclusion to draw from game theory, it’s that the game played defines what the players do. How does this relate to trust? Check out this fun, fascinating interactive video The […]

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