The January cS Award and the December cS Award Winners! Mike | January 3rd, 2013

Back in 2011, we announced a monthly cS Award to honor quality work by designers and writers in the crowdSPRING community.

January cS Award

For the New Year, we want to encourage a New You! For this project we challenge you to find the best way to brand yourself or your company in the open marketplace. Branding is critical in business today, and not just for companies, but also for freelancers and service providers of all stripes. Your entry should communicate who you are, what you are about, and how your creativity defines you. Create a logo or brand identity and write a short description explaining why this image works for your personal branding. It is critically important that you write a description telling us why your branding is just right for you.

This project is open to everyone  in the community – writers and designers – so, even if you don’t have design software, no worries. Submit a creative photo if that is easier for you or if that works for your branding. We are also open to including entries with your current branding as long as you can articulate for us why this is great branding.

We’re offering five awards to the winners in the project, and your branding could land you one of those!

The January cS Awards will be given to the 5 Creatives who submit the most creative, the most compelling, and the most dynamic Personal Branding! To be eligible, you must upload in at least 1 entry while the project is open. Remember that we are offering 5 awards, so be sure to participate!

Good luck to everyone!

And now…. the December cS Award Winners….

The December award was for the Writers in our community. We offered 5 awards for the best blog posts on any topic that would be of help to designers or writers. We received some phenomenal entries; as a matter of fact, there were 41 submitted and reading them was a pleasure! Topics ranged from dealing with the dreaded writer’s block to tips on competing with other writers for freelance work to thoughts on the importance of explaining your work to clients. Lots of great lessons and lots of phenomenal writing!

Having said all that, we are excited to announce that the December cS Awards for Blog posts will go to these 5 member of the cS community: RunningArends, poetryandcoffeebeans, sobyvabyjdavisag09 and AmeriPaddy for their fantastic posts!

Award #1 goes to RunningArends who has been a member of our community for just the last 4 months, but has already participated in over 180 projects and been awarded in 20 of those!  For the past 20 years she has worked as an author, songwriter and columnist. Carolyn resides in Vancouver, Canada and we are so happy to have her working on crowdSPRING! Nicely written!





Award #2 is for poetryandcoffeebeans who must have one of the best usernames on crowdSPRING! She, too, is a new member of the community, having joined last October. She has participated in just 4 projects thus far and this is her first win, but her talent is great and we look forward to seeing more from her. Melanie lives in New Jersey, and if this post is any indication, she is a very talented writer! Well done!





Award #3 was given to sobyvaby, who has been working on the site for the past 8 months. Subhodeep is a prolific writer and has participated in almost 600 projects and won 3 so far. He works in both design and writing and his winning blog post was a great example of his wonderful work! Subhodeep lives in Mumbai, India – one of our favorite cities of the world! Congrats!





Award #4 goes to jdavisag09. Yet another new member of the community is represented! James just joined the site a couple of months ago, but has already participated in over 20 projects. He specializes in writing copy, reports, white-papers, and marketing materials and lives in Houston, Texas. Well played, James!





Award #5 went to AmeriPaddy, who has been a member of our community since November 2010! Sean has participated in over 60 projects and has won two of those. He lives in sunny Doral, Florida and specializes in Naming projects, which he plans to win many more of! Thanks, Sean! (PS: upload an avatar!)

Finally, a special thanks to everyone who participated and our congratulations to RunningArendspoetryandcoffeebeanssobyvabyjdavisag09 and AmeriPaddy for their wonderful creativity!

From many minds, the perfect design. Post your project today and let the crowd wow you!

  • Anna

    Hi! I am about to sign up as a BUYER but just happened across this contest, and it actually fits really well into why I am requesting a logo…can I enter the contest if I have an open project as a buyer? Thanks!

  • Hi Anna – yes, it’s not unusual for someone who posted a project to also participate as a creative in other, unrelated projects. Obviously, we ask that you do not participate in your own project.

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