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If you ever happen upon the cS office it’s a madhouse of…well, normal office stuff. All things considered, it’s actually really quiet save for the occasional passing train, phone call and click clack of keyboards. But at each desk there’s more often than not a musical smorgasbord. We recently polled  the office for their heavy rotation work albums and are happy to present you with the cS playlist (complete with player at the bottom)

Bianca – Theophilus London: “Timez Are Weird These Dayz”

Going by the decidedly awesome moniker Theophilus London, this Brooklyn-by-way of Trinidad  MC brings a style that’s more 80’s nu-wave and grinding electronic beats than your standard hip-hop. You’ve gotta love his nod to the Smiths on the title of 2009’s “This Charming Mixtape.”

Audree – Foo Fighters : “In Your Honor”

Audree goes to prove you can have your cake and rock out with it to; her pick is the 2005 double album from The Foo Fighters. No introductions needed here, this album can go to 11 with the heavier disc one, but the really interesting move is the mellow, reflective side of the Foo’s on disc two. Fun fact: “Friend of a friend” was originally written in 1990 on a guitar borrowed from then-bandmate Kurt Cobain (hence, the “friend of a friend.”)

Ross – Mumford and Sons: “Sigh No More”

A favorite around the cS office, there’s really so much to say about this album and still, you can’t get close to accurately conveying just how amazing it is. This album is urgent yet never loses any eloquence. Above all, it’s just..heavy. Seriously, turn this album up and just TRY not to stop your feet.

Mike – Ra Ra Riot: “The Rhumb Line”

This is just good music. It’s dancy, upbeat, employs a full time violinist- what’s not to love. RRR manages to craft an endearing album suited for road trips and other spontaneity, high-fiving The Cure on the way and tastefully dodges and “indie” pigeonholes along the way.

Chris – DJ Shadow: “Endtroducing…”

You don’t get a whole section of your album’s wikipedia page dedicated to its legacy and have that stick unless it’s a straight-up bonafide classic  album.  Built on countless hip-hop breaks, dusty R&B grooves and early electronica, this is the album all other DJ’s should measure their craft by. Give it a spin and find one bad song. Okay, how about one mediocre song…we’ll wait. See? You can. not. do. it.

Kevin – I Am The Avalanche: “Avalanche United”

Formed out of the remnants of various Long Island hardcore and emo acts, I Am The Avalanche put out a killer debut album, toured like crazy and then dropped off the face of the earth. Six years later, IATA is back with a second album: Straight up punk ethos paired with a moshy stomp and throaty vocals. This album is the hallmark of a sound that’s quickly becoming all too rare

Adriano – U2: “The Joshua Tree”

Speaking of legacies, here’s another album that’s solid through and through. It’s strange to think now, with such a storied career, that these guys were  still in their 20’s and that this was only their 5th album. It’s hard to describe, but you know form the moment “Where the Streets Have No Name” kicks in that you’re listening to something huge and irreplaceable.

Jonas – Bent: “Programmed to Love”

This is “chill” personified. Crafting a lush soundscape of ambient sound with the occasional interspersed vocal track, you have no choice but to relax. Having a rough day? Queue up this mid tempo goodness and drift away.

Amanda – Iggy Pop: “Lust for Life”

The one and only “street walkin’ cheetah with a heart full of napalm” defined an era of punk with The Stooges. That alone is enough for most, but Pop is never one to rest on his laurels…let’s not forget that magical moment where Iggy Pop teamed with Ziggy Stardust (aka David Bowie) himself to release two solo efforts, “The Idiot” and 1977’s “Lust For Life.” A remarkably accessible album in contrast to The Stooges work, Pop shines on the eponymous track, but really falls into the darker rock n roll vibe of the album on “The Passenger” and “Neighborhood Threat.”  A must have album for any collection.

Thanks for listening! If you have any recommendations, let us know in the comments!

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