New SEO Starter Guide From Google Ross Kimbarovsky | October 6th, 2010

Google’s revenue from adwords in 2009 was USD$23 billion. While adwords can be part of a strong small business marketing strategy, most startups and small businesses can’t afford to pay much for traffic.

There are excellent alternatives, including search engine optimization (SEO).

A few years ago, Google released a very useful search engine optimization starter guide (and later made that guide available in over 40 languages).

Just days ago, Google published a new version of the SEO Starter Guide. The guide is outstanding. It contains, among other things, SEO basics, tips for improving the overall structure of your site, suggestions to optimize content, insights to help you optimize your site for mobile devices, and tips to help you promote your site.

You can download a free PDF copy of Google’s SEO Starter Guide here.

image from Google

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  • Ryan

    I skimmed through the Google content and it still looks pretty good. However, anything that is a ‘few years old’ within this domain I would have a hard time passing it along as gospel. Has Google continued to update this document?

  • Sherrod DeGrippo

    The reason this blog post is news is because google has now released an updated version of the ‘years old’ favorite. It was released days ago. As it says in the post.

  • Laurelby

    Funny-I read the old version of Google’s SEO Guide last week! }{

  • Is it really worth-full to read the whole doc?

  • This is a great tip for small business owners new to PPC and Google.

  • Amoric

    good job but do you have a french pdf version ?

  • Mary

    Thanks for the download link. Definitely appreciate things like this especially if they are coming from Google.

  • This is super useful. Thanks for posting. And thanks to Google for creating this, right?

  • Google really are unstoppable, its a great document for people who dont properly understand SEO. Thanks for sharing.

  • This is super useful. Thanks for posting.

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