Twitter Link Roundup #27 – Design, Writing, Marketing, Small Business, Social Media And More Ross Kimbarovsky | February 11th, 2010

Every day on the crowdSPRING Twitter account and on my own Twitter account, I post links to posts or videos I enjoyed reading or viewing. These posts and videos are about logo design, web design, startups, entrepreneurship, small business, leadership, social media, marketing, and more! Here are some of the links that I’ve liked and shared this past week!

50 Free UI and Web Design Wireframing Kits, Resources and Source Files –

Color Theory for Designer, Part 3: Creating Your Own Color Palettes –

eCommerce UI Part 3: Navigation –

Showcase of banknote designs from countries around the world –

10 Stunning Examples of jQuery Animations –

33 New High Quality Adobe Illustrator Tutorials –

The Difference Between Vector and Raster Graphics –

The 30 Most Creative and Unusual Free Fonts –

Effective Visual Communication Using Infographics: 40+ Attractive Examples –

Mobile Web Design: Tips and Best Practices –

50 Beautifully Blue Designs –

A Showcase of Website Navigations with Serious Click Appeal –

Showcase of Hotel Website Designs –

13 Useful JavaScript Solutions for Charts and Graphs –

Attractive Forms With jQuery: Uniform –

21 Creative online portfolio sites and applications –

Twitter Design News roundup from @speckyboy

25 Free Futuristic & Sci-Fi Styled Fonts –

A Collection Of 10 Useful Online CSS Tools –

Forget About Photoshop: 5 More Ways to Stop Using Images in Your Designs –

CSS Rounded Corners In All Browsers (Without Images) –

10 Things Clients Look For In a Design Portfolio –

crowdSPRING designer interview – Lewis Agrell –

Designing For The Next Generation Of Devices – Don’t Get Left Behind –

EURO 2012 soccer logo: A wonderful exercise in graphic design excess –

Smashing Release : Free Computer Part Icon Set –

Legal Contracts for Software Developers Who Hate Contracts (w/free contract template to use today) –

Legal Contracts for Graphic Designers Who Hate Contracts (w/free contract template to use today) –

Five Areas to Focus On for Effective SEO Copywriting –

Crowdsourced Writing Projects on crowdSPRING – Now LIVE! –

The Most Important Element in Copywriting –

10 Tips for Copywriters –

10 Secrets to More Magnetic Copy –

Management Secrets of the Grateful Dead –

Micro marketing: 5 tips for small business and startups –

Startup Priorities: Is Design More Important Than Engineering? –

Five Collaboration Mistakes Leaders Should Avoid –

How Do You Reference Check a VC? Ask Eric Clapton –

Choosing Technologies for Your Web Startup (Part 2) –

Getting Funded: An Interview with Co-Founder, Micah Baldwin –

Disagreements and Debates Are Good Things –

Immigrants founded 7000 tech co’s from 1995-2006 –

Entrepreneurs: Beware of Vanity Metrics –

Good startup lessons shared by @robjohnson & joshfraser (founders) about EventVue failure –

“Understanding Freemium – How to Create and Grow Paying Customers” –

Four tips for raising capital now –

The Story Behind My Chicago Start-Up: What Worked and What Didn’t –

Don’t Be Afraid to Share Your Ideas – execution is the hard part & people can’t steal that –

Build A Strong Brand, Not Just A Strong Business –

Micro marketing: 5 tips for small business and startups –

How to Grow a Small Business –

5 Questions You Should Ask Every Customer –

Choosing Technologies for Your Web Startup (Part 2) –

“Understanding Freemium – How to Create and Grow Paying Customers” –

Why a logo is important to energize a business –

Build A Strong Brand, Not Just A Strong Business –

Worry Less About Social Media ROI – Worry More About Being Relevant –

Are You Marketing You or Your Message? –

Micro marketing: 5 tips for small business and startups –

The Art of Shameless Self-Promotion –

Build A Strong Brand, Not Just A Strong Business –

Smart analysis from @Scobleizer arguing that Google is finally starting to understand social media –

Google Making Gmail Social? – too little too late?

Content IS king. Tactics & gimmics won’t save a bad product or service –

Lessons and thoughts about social media from My recap –

Focus On Conversions, Not Just On Site Traffic –

Conversations About The Future Of Advertising with@edwardboches –

Foursquare aggressively signing deals with major media and entertainment brands –

5 Questions You Should Ask Every Customer –

Trust in Friends Declines, Trust in Experts Rises – Social Media and PR Still Win –

No more personal blogs for Forrester Analysts –

“Understanding Freemium – How to Create and Grow Paying Customers” –

Delta Sky Mag features crowdSPRING – (expand)& explains layout design –

Hidden forces that shape our decisions –

City saves thousands of dollars by leveraging crowdSPRING for its new logo –

Excellent post about agile software development & some pitfalls of agility –

Yelp turned down $700 million from Microsoft. Interesting gamble. I hope they’re right –

Ever feel like you’re being watched online? Here’s why –

Why if you miss @hisiri you’ll miss the future of the Web –

Reinventing the Luddite: An Interview with Andrew Keen (@ajkeen) at #TheFuturist – writes about crowdSPRING – The In Crowd –

Madison Children’s Museum unveils new logo (designed on crowdSPRING) –

Best T-shirt ad ever –

Which Army Recruitment Video Would Borat Prefer? –

Mind Blowing Javascript Experiments –

I hope you enjoy these links! If you can spare a minute, please leave a comment and let me know what you liked/didn’t like.

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