Dear Buyer (redux), or 4 tips for posting and managing your crowdSPRING project Mike | November 16th, 2009

Seven months ago I wrote a post and shared some data which I hoped would help crowdSPRING Buyers to find success and happiness with their projects on the site (well maybe not happiness, but you get my drift). Well, since then we have had more than 5,800 new Buyers registered, had over 336,000 more entries to projects, seen another 2,900+ projects completed, and paid out more than $1,653,000 in awards to Creatives!

We’ve learned a lot more about how things work around here and had some interesting insights about what works and what doesn’t. So, dear Buyer, please take a look at the information below and see if this will help you when posting your next project.

Remember how a few sentences ago I mentioned insights ? Well chief among them is what I am calling the “Rule of Four.” The Rule of Four is, simply enough, four basic things every Buyer should consider when posting and managing a project on crowdSPRING.  Here they are… ready? OK:

  1. Choose a great title for your project, the “sexier” the better. Remember that the title is the first thing Creatives will see when we send out notifications and when they browse the current projects on the site. Given a choice between a project named “Redesign of a Logo” and another one named “Hi! My name is FastLaunch Logo. Please design me. I don’t exist yet in visual form, but I’d like to” which would you go take a look at first? ‘Nuf said about that…
  2. Be generous with your award offer. Remember you’re competing with all of the other open projects on the site, and all else being equal, the award may end up being the thing that brings ’em in. Here’s some raw data on the topic: logo design projects with awards under $300 average around 70 entries while those with offers over $300 averaged 193 entries! wow. Same with web design: projects with awards under $700 average around 39 entries while those with offers above averaged 63. Can you see a pattern emerging? How about something else: want more Creatives to participate? Those same logo projects that offered under $300? On average 26 Creatives participated. The projects with awards over $300? 57 participants per project. Yep, more dollars = more participation = more entries = greater choice for you.
  3. Write a strong creative brief. Ah yes, the brief. First thing to remember here: it shouldn’t be brief. There is no place for brevity in a crowdSPRING creative brief. The more information you can share the better. The more detail you supply the better. Examples of work you like? Check. Uploaded files to provide even more options for participants? Check. Links to your current site or other information about your business? Check. The point here is that no one can design in a vacuum. So fill the vacuum up with information that they can use.
  4. Be engaged. I’m not talking about giving your Creative a diamond ring. I’m talking about your level of engagement with your project. Do you visit every day? Do you score and comment on every entry (or at least most of them)? This is probably the most critical element in managing your project and you’d be surprised how many Buyers fall down on this job and how, as a result, their projects suffer. As a matter of fact, we see a VERY strong correlation between feedback and entries. It’s simple: more comments = more entries. Here’s some numbers for you to digest: Buyers who left fewer than 10 comments in their project averaged 52 entries to choose from. Buyers who left more than 10 comments? Ready for this? 212 entries per project. 212 entries from which you can pick the one, as long as you leave feedback! So do it. Stop reading this and go leave some comments, for crying out loud.
So, that’s it. Pretty simple right? Think up a great title, offer as much as your budget can stomach, write a high-quality, detailed brief, and stay active and engaged in your project. Follow these four simple rules and you will be in like Flynn! So do it. Stop reading this and go leave some comments, for crying out loud.
From many minds, the perfect design. Post your project today and let the crowd wow you!

  • Spazie


  • rachelstene

    Thanks for getting this info out there Mike!

    I have to say that for some of us, (concerning briefs) concise works better than copious. And again, maybe just for me, but titles that are too cute scare me away. Totally agree though, that the title is REALLY important. It’s the moment when we decide if we should even check the link out, and when there are 10 other great looking projects links in my email, the odds are not good if the title isn’t descriptive enough.

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  • glamaz0n

    Agreed, the title’s the thing – and it should be simple: a short phrase that describes exactly what is needed, not an indirect hook. “Upscale WIne Label” works better for me than “HIgh end winery needs logo and identity”. Of course if I saw the words “high end winery” all in the same phrase I would check it out but you get the idea. Here’s a better one: “Logo for financial planner” instead of “Help a financial consultancy market their services”. Make sense?

  • ArtbyAudree

    Mike, will this post be included in the newsletter? Not all buyers read the blog – and this is some super advice they should all hear. Thanks!

  • Mike

    Hey and thanks for the comments everyone…

    @Spazie: Amen, indeed. 🙂
    @rachelstene: Yes, concise is helpful, especially when reading dozens a day to pick and choose the right projects, but I also think that the truth lies in the details: the more detail, the easier it is to interpret the Buyer’s needs.
    @glamaz0n: yes, that makes perfect sense. But, speaking for myself, I am attracted to the pithy/funny/quirky project titles
    @ArtbyAudree: mater of fact it is in the newsletter that just went out about 56 minutes ago 🙂

  • dbunk

    Very well observed, I could not agree better with the “Be engaged” rule. The buyer owes it to all the genuine entries for a project considering the fact that payment is made for the wining entry only

  • Jumana

    Note to BUYER from CREATIVE:

    Actually i do not tend to participate in projects that has no Star rating for its entries or comments !
    The first impression i get is that the buyer is NOT intersted or caring enough to check the logos that creatives spent hours to create (ok in my case “days” since am a beginner) lol
    but the point is that if the buyer didnt spend 10 seconds to rate a logo or leave a comment (at least some of the logos) i wouldn’t even think of participating in it …
    So pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase BUYERS rate the logos and also leave feedback … It is the light that will guide the designers through the darkness of creation and perfection to your Winning LOGOOOOOOOO … ! 🙂

    Have a nice day everyone !
    Jumana S.

  • fusLiaish

    Hi Everyone! I hope all is well and I look forward to be a great contributor to this community. Feel free to introduce yourself so I can get to know you better…

  • fusLiaish

    Hi Everyone! I hope all is well and I look forward to be a great contributor to this community. Feel free to introduce yourself so I can get to know you better…

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