Is it just me? admin | October 15th, 2009

Is it just me, or are receipts getting out of hand?  I bought one item (one!) at the store the other day and the receipt is almost 3 FEET long.  No kidding.

I’d be curious to hear if this is just a US phenomenon or a worldwide epidemic…

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  • vintagestockholm

    bloody hell, that’s almost a tree!!
    here in sweden we don’t have XL size receipts 🙂

  • glamaz0n

    no room in my purse for this kind of trash. i told cashier to keep it
    and she told me there were “valuable coupons”. valuable as more
    stuffing for the trash can!

  • ArtbyAudree

    Pete- Imagine if you bought *gasp!* 3 items… From different parts of the store. Triple the coupons!

    By the way – ever notice the coupons you get are never for the item you bought?

  • 29design

    It the American ‘super size ‘ mentality…. They’re excessive here in New Zealand too, but not so much you could jump robe with them….

  • 29design

    i mean “rope” =)

  • monsterleo

    Jeez and I thought the ReNu logo was bad enough by itself.

  • Jeff

    I always wondered why they don’t just email your receipt to you, or store it online.

    They know who you are if you use your CVS card, anyways.

  • vintagestockholm

    I think the bausch and lomb logo revolves around “ray of light into a optical instrument” 🙂

  • CreativeTree

    HAHAHAH… this is insane.

  • snapfoo

    It’s just our way of conserving resources.

  • ChiFly

    The receipt has become (yet another) marketing vehicle, and the coupons are designed to get you back in the store… did you notice that one of your coupons is $1.50 off your next purchase at CVS? I’ll take it if you don’t want it :^)

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