Do I HAVE to wear boots to a Bootcamp? admin | July 3rd, 2009

One of my favorite companies in the world – Zappos – is planning a two day Zappos Bootcamp. At first, I got excited because one could never own enough boots, and Zappos certainly has one of the largest inventories of boots in the universe (or at least on Earth). I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to find a great pair of boots and also to find a pair for Chris Detmer (our talented front-end developer), who has a cool hat, as you can see below, but sadly, no boots.

After reading about the bootcamp, I became even more excited because the Zappos bootcamp isn’t about boots at all – it’s an event with a small group of people where Zappos shares its secret sauce for how to create a strong culture at OUR company. Freeki!

It’s been almost a year since I joined crowdSPRING to lead the Customer Service team (reminder: ice-cream anniversary cake would be nice). When I started working at crowdSPRING, our community was 5,000 creatives strong. Now, more than 30,000 awesome and talented creatives from all across the world (150+ countries) work on crowdSPRING. I stopped counting the number of projects that are posted (just kidding – I still love to count!). During the past year, I’ve answered many thousands of customer requests – directly and on Twitter, and my team has handled tens of thousands. I absolutely love working with our customers – and have been thrilled to have met a few in person.

Throughout my time here, I’ve tried to learn as much as I could about culture. I’ve absorbed everything I’ve heard from Zappos and other great companies with awesome cultures. Among many other books, I’ve read the past few Zappos Culture Books and have been so impressed with the awesome people who work at Zappos. I’ve written many posts sharing our views about customer service.

I cannot imagine how a company, or community, can thrive without a great culture. Zappos aims to create happiness. And crowdSPRING fully believes this is the right way to conduct business. I’ve written about this – Helping is Happiness, as has Ross – Happiness Is Helping. Great customer service shouldn’t even feel like customer service, as you’ll hear me say in the following short video:

But my excitement about the Zappos Bootcamp was quickly tempered by two things: Pete kicked my ass at ping-pong and I learned that the Bootcamp costs $5,000. For a startup, that’s about $4,993 more than we can afford. And yet – there is a tiny, little, itsy-bitsy glimmer of hope. A scholarship! Zappos will give two scholarships to its Bootcamp, and I would absolutely love to get one.

I know that chances are extremely thin that Tony Hsieh would be crazy enough to let a Frenchman on board but you never know. So I need your help.

I’ve probably interacted or helped you one way or another during the past year. And I want my team to do an even better job. If you can, please leave a comment telling Tony Hsieh and Zappos why it would be absolutely awesome for them to honor crowdSPRING with one of the scholarships to the Bootcamp. Let them know about our great community and how we’ve worked together through good times and bad (especially during our site problems in May). Let’s show them that great culture can live within a small company and within a large community of people who come from every corner of the world.


Jerome – The French Guy

From many minds, the perfect design. Post your project today and let the crowd wow you!

  • ArtbyAudree

    Hello Tony Hsieh,

    I’m a creative here at cS, and Jerome has helped me with several… okay – more than several issues over the past 10 months that I’ve been part of the community. He is always professional and friendly with his service. I have even had the opportunity to meet him. He is ALL ABOUT customer service (and ping-pong.) Bootcamp would be a better place with him there to share his experience with a fast growing start-up like crowdSPRING.

    Oh, and nice boots!


  • kaythree


    I’ve never dealt a customer service of such quality as that offered by Jerome and cS in my entire life. I’ve never seen people care so much about how happy people are about their service. Crowdspring has had it’s ups and downs – nothing is always perfect and nothing is always smooth. But amidst technical issues and complaints they’ve always done their best to leave a smile on everyone’s face. They’ve listened to every single issue anyone has had with their service, and they never cared whether it was something big or small – they simply.. cared. If someone deserves access to that bootcamp – it’s definitely Jerome. Pick him, you will not regret it.

    ~ Edoardo

  • Spazie

    Its hands down…LOOK at his PIC…why wouldnt you want a FrenchGuy who wears a awesome T- shirt to be part of your bootcamp??!! Ha–seriously…Jerome is a very effective customer service relations person. Who has talents in many areas. I have enjoyed the honesty and upfrontness of his rebuttles to me during hard times in may when the site was up & down with tech issues. He kept alot of us from leaving CrowdSpring all together. The whole crew @ CS deserves to go to bootcamp I think. For they are the reasons most of us if not all…Love What We Do!!!

    Oh yeah and I think he wants some boots? lol

    Thanks for your time & Take Care,

  • blueii

    Hi Mr. Hsieh,

    This has been a great couple of months for me since I started in Crowdspring. What with all the creatives, the projects, the buyers and not to mentions the crew. Yes, the crew! Through rough times (when the site had problems), through the good times even when I had problems (yeah, I sometimes do), the crew had been there to help us solve them. Especially, the FRENCHGUY. Man, when I contact cS, a moment or two later, a reply awaits me and it’s fro this guy. And I believe that he deserves to go to your Zappos Bootcamp (no boots? Oh man, though it’s still cool). For the reasons I have stated, and the reasons other have said, this is a great site to stay in and this is an AWESOME community to live in.

    Oh yeah, Jerome really really wants to go and he wants boots.

    Thank you for your consideration and have a nice day.


  • crowdSPRING

    Hey Guys!
    Thanks so much for the kind words! We do love our community and try to provide the best service we can at all times. Now I am really wondering if I should get a pair of boots though….
    Jerome – The French Guy

  • sall

    One of my favorite companies in the world – Zappos – is planning a two day Zappos Bootcamp. At first, I got excited because one could never own enough boots, and Zappos certainly has one of the largest inventories of boots in the universe (or at least on Earth).

  • sall

    One of my favorite companies in the world – Zappos – is planning a two day Zappos Bootcamp. At first, I got excited because one could never own enough boots, and Zappos certainly has one of the largest inventories of boots in the universe (or at least on Earth).

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