Still listening… Mike | June 29th, 2009

In our first year-and-a-bit in business we have made a number of adjustments to our pricing. We continually review our business model, continually speak to our community, and continually listen to the feedback we receive. When we launched Pro projects back in September of last year, we set the minimum price at a very easy to grasp $1,000 across all categories.

Since then, we have collected a great deal of data on Pro projects, including Creative participation, submission levels, average awards, numbers of NDAs executed, and project lengths. These projects have been very successful and we continue to see growth month over month both in the number of Pro projects posted, and in the average awards offered for these.Β The data also clearly shows a direct correlation between the amount of an award, the complexity of the project, and the level of participation. One of the lessons we learned is that Buyers sometimes ask for too much and offer too little. One of our primary goals is that every buyer on crowdSPRING ends their logo design, web design, stationery design or other graphic design project with the great creative that they came to us for. We want each of them to be successful, and we want Creatives to feel that a project is worth participating in. To that end we are adjusting the minimum awards in Pro projects to differentiate across the categories. Take a look here:

Category Subcategory New PRO Minimum
Graphic Design Logo $1,000
Logo and Stationery $1,200
Stationery $1,000
Illustration $1,000
Clothing $1,000
Print Design $1,200
Package Graphics $1,200
PowerPoint $1,000
Web Design Small Website (uncoded) $1,500
Large Website (uncoded) $2,000
Widgets and Apps (uncoded) $1,000
Blog Theme (uncoded) $1,500
Email Template (uncoded) $1,300
Landing Page (uncoded) $1,300
Ad Banner $1,000
Icons and Buttons $1,000
Header $1,000
Industrial Design Package Design $2,000
Product Design $2,500
Photography Photo Retouching $1,000
Custom Photography $1,000

The new prices will take effect later this week. We believe that these new prices better reflect the value offered by our community and the feature set that come with the Pro level, including search engine exclusion, privacy settings. non-disclosure agreements, project invitation tools, and more. We also hope that the increased minimums will attract even more participation in these projects and provide more value to our wonderful community of Creatives!

So, heres to lots of great new projects and lots of great new ideas!

From many minds, the perfect design. Post your project today and let the crowd wow you!

  • illumina

    a logo costs $1000, stationary costs $1000, but the 2 together costs $1200?? that makes no sense at all.

  • illumina

    a logo costs $1000, stationary costs $1000, but the 2 together costs $1200?? that makes no sense at all.

  • Jumana

    That’s great to have this Pro. projects thing … I hope one day i will win a project and be one them(The Pros)! πŸ™‚
    Thanks Crowd Spring team πŸ™‚

  • Jumana

    “Buyers sometimes ask for too much and offer too little.”
    Well… If they didn’t offer a good amount of money, I wish they offer their feed back and (Star rating) the logos…
    I am a new “Crowd Springer” and I am LEARNING a lot from this site, the creators, and the BUYERS’ comments, feed back and ratings…
    Currently i dont expect that i will win any project coz there are so DAMN GOOD designers out there (I envy them all …. lol ) but later on, when I will become as good as they are … i will cick their a**es lol …
    And yeah the buyers sometimes pay little money for a logo that takes time, effort and comes out from a really GOOD Unique IDEA … I guess they are lucky they have Crowd Spring lol !

    Spelling Mistake : emmm … I have just noticed that in the list up there (Yes, Scroll Up NOW)…. U forgot to add the (r) in the word “Photogaphy”. Heh heh YAAAY i caught it πŸ™‚ that means i read it ! So be happy !

    Ok i will go back to my real monthly payable boring work now! πŸ™

    Have a nice day people.

  • SamFox

    This is great!

    I also think you should raise minimums for non-pro projects as well.

    I had previously suggested raising the minimum for illustration projects, and I stand by that suggestion.

    It should be set at at least $500, because it’s so much more time consuming and detail oriented.

    Just a reminder πŸ™‚

  • Mike

    Hi all and thanks for the great feedback…

    @illumina – remember that in standard projects the min for Logo is $200 and for Logo+Stationery ir is $300. We left categories with minimums of $200 at $1,000 for Pro projects and categories with minimums of $300 we set at $1,200 for Pro. I hope that helps to clarify a bit.

    @Jumana – thanks for participating on crowdSPRING and keep up the great work; we celebrate learning every day! Thanks also for the heads up on the typo. Fixed… πŸ™‚

    @SamFox – we periodically look at pricing across categories using feedback from our users, data we collect, and our guts to tell us if we’re on the right track. We made adjustments this past January, and will continue to keep an eye to make sure we are providing value for all of our users.

  • haim

    samfox right! πŸ™‚

    illustration is far more complicated then logos in most cases and it’s ironic that buyers pay less for illustrations.

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