Friday Fun Facts – Who are we? And, where do we come from? Part II Mike | May 22nd, 2009

As a small business startup we spend a great deal of time looking at and analyzing data to help us drive strategy, make adjustments, and better understand our customers. We try hard to not be robotic in our response to numbers, but rather to let them inform our decisions and our direction. Here is the latest in a serial discussion of some of the data we look at internally…

A few months ago I shared some data about crowdSPRING users and visitors and the various parts of the world we come from. I recently met a writer who is interested in publishing an article about how people from different parts of the world leverage sites like crowdSPRING to connect, to work, and to learn. His interest was the developing world so I have collected some interesting nuggets:

  • 65,000 people visited the site in the last month
  • People are visiting from some pretty cool corners of the earth. In the past month we have had visits from 108 countries including from the Palestinian Territories, Mongolia, Ghana, Malta, Mauritius, Jamaica, Bolivia, Bahrain, Qatar, Cyprus,Uruguay, Sri Lanka, Estonia, and Nepal!
  • We had visitors from 61 emerging and developing nations. In the past month they accounted for over 19% of site visits.
  • Gender-wise we seem to appeal nicely to both of the major groups: our visitors are 56% male and 44% female.
  • We seem to appeal to a slightly older demographic with users age 35-49 accounting for 39% of visitors.
  • Well-educated folks seem to find crowdSPRING of interest. 68% of visitors had college or graduate degrees.
  • Some pretty interesting companies have been visiting, too: Apple, Microsoft, Google, Global Crossing. Not to mention Sprint, Verizon, Time Warner and AT&T.
That’s it for now. I’ll do some more mining next week and get back to you with more cool stuff.
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  • Motorpsycho

    I am kind of fascinated by stats and the stories they tell. So needless to say, we would love hear more about them. And we would also love to know your method of figuring out a person’s age, gender or education from their IP address (or whatever it is that you use…).
    Please continue to publish more posts like this.

  • gretcreative

    that is just awesome… mind boggling. great that us creatives have such a neat place for expression and business. thanks and keep up the good work 🙂

  • puting

    hi, thank you for shareing, and could you tell me how you track the the users data, with GOOGLE Analytics or others ways, thank you!

  • puting

    hi, thank you for shareing, and could you tell me how you track the the users data, with GOOGLE Analytics or others ways, thank you!

  • Mike

    Hi all and thanks for the comments and questions. We track this data using a service called Using IP addresses and statistical analysis Quantcast can provide a great deal of detail on visitors and their demographic information. Like any statistical analysis, this must be looked at with a healthy skepticism, but it is still useful to our business and other web-based businesses in trying to understand users and their backgrounds and behaviors. Here is a link to the Quantcast page which explains the methodology behind these numbers:



  • Motorpsycho

    Cool! Thanks for the link. It’s always good to know how things work. Please publish more posts like these.

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