I am NOT the Director of Puerto Rico! admin | March 3rd, 2009

Hi!  I’m the new PR Director. And in case you’re wondering – it’s true – Ross did think PR stood for Puerto Rico!

So, I’m sitting in my office at my previous job, when all of a sudden I get this email from a co-worker with the subject line “hmmm, you should really check this out.”  Of course I dropped what I was doing (I’m sure I was facebooking—is that even a word?) and checked out the job write up from a company called crowdSPRING.

They had me at ping-pong.

Now I wasn’t exactly looking to leave my position at the time, but the write up was so intriguing I had to investigate further.  Must wear shorts and flip flops – check, plus if you have a rolodex – check (I’m not kidding, I have an actual rolodex – I think I started it in 1966.) I recall it also saying something about media relations skills, writing skills, bla bla, but then I saw it – must play ping pong.  Hello—I’m only the Sirt Basement Ping Pong Champion of 1989!

So I decided to send my info in.  Around my second or third go-around with Pete, the Director of Marketing, he referenced The Bachelor – SOLD!  I knew I must have this job.

Long story short, I researched the company, checked out the industry, met the team and knew it was a no brainer.  I jumped ship and am now spin doctoring away in a basement in the West Loop.  I came from a position in which we were considered the “media darling” and am now at a company that may be looked at as a boat rocker of their industry.  If you know me at all, you know that I am definitely considered more of a boat rocker than a darling, so I feel like I fit right in.  I am extremely eager and excited to get the word out about this exciting company that is helping revolutionize the design industry.

Be on the lookout for crowdSPRING hits in New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Comm Arts, and of course, OPRAH.  Oh yeah, I said it.  Mike told me if I get us on Oprah, he’ll buy me a zebra.  Game on.

From many minds, the perfect design. Post your project today and let the crowd wow you!

  • Welcome aboard!

    I’m promise not to humiliate you too bad in our next ping pong face off. =]

  • Welcome aboard!

    I’m promise not to humiliate you too bad in our next ping pong face off. =]

  • marckohlbrugge

    Welcome :). I hope you get your zebra 🙂

  • Bethany

    I hope I get the zebra too! Help me get the word out to the media and I’ll let you borrow it.

  • Sonny Gill

    Big congrats, Bethany! I’m sure you’ll have a great time at cS. Let me know how bad you beat Pete in pong-pong 😉

  • Sonny Gill

    Big congrats, Bethany! I’m sure you’ll have a great time at cS. Let me know how bad you beat Pete in pong-pong 😉

  • Joeltee

    Nice one. A job like this would be a dream job for me also.

    How to get on Oprah: Find a designer on here who has a heart-wrenching story, a single mum struggling to make ends meet, who then makes her break here.

  • ArtbyAudree

    Hi Bethany! So… who is the most interesting person in your rolodex?

  • loopDloop

    Welcome Bethany! Love the post. 🙂
    Great idea Joeltee!

  • jmarfurt

    welcome Bethany!! 🙂

  • Bethany

    Thanks for all the warm welcomes! And great question, ArtbyAudree–I would have to say that the most interesting person is probably Rabbi Shmuley. I met him at a Harpo event (he has a radio show on Oprah and Friends). I thought he was pretty cool–then I saw him on Chelsea Lately last night and now I think he’s insanely cool!

  • iamtiff

    Welcome to the fam, Bethany! I wanna be able to tell people that I helped someone get a zebra! That would be an awesome story:)

  • ansys

    Welcome to the community Bethany! And best of luck for Zebra 🙂

  • Fontinalis

    Congratulations on our new job.
    As for the Zebra, I hope you will challenge the CS community to find a good name for it.
    Poor zebra, who will have to adapt to the city of winds… Make sure it won’t chew your precious, priceless Rolodex.

  • whyohmee

    A worm welcome from the other side of the world! (9.30 am)

    figures crossed on that zebra.. 🙂

  • pbsstyles

    Hope you really get the Zebra and a slot on Oprah’s show.. now that would be fantastic for CS.

    Welcome aboard. Why the Zebra anyways? 🙂

  • omarcards

    Oops…The mail said it’s a chick….Anyways, welcome lady !!

  • ngibson

    I just used Crowdspring for the first time to hire someone to design a logo for my new business. I love this site. It is going to be a very big success. I was astounded at the number of creatives that submitted multiple designs and at the number of buyers posting projects. I found a great creative who is now going to help me with other projects. Also, I used to work in public relations—lucky you to get this job–I have no doubt you can get your Zebra!!!! What a great company to pitch! Go girl!

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