Weekly Glance of Awesomeness #12 admin | October 16th, 2008

Greetings crowdSPRING land,
Here is your Weekly Glance of Awesomeness – a peek into projects that I’ve found especially interesting. So, check them out, and submit an entry!

Glance #1: Vegan Chicago Logo
The Award: $300
End Date: October 19th
The Breakdown: It makes us happy when fellow Chicago-based organizations use crowdSPRING because it’s nice to see local support. Vegan Chicago is a volunteer group that provides resources online and organizes meetups within the city to promote veganism. I checked out their website, and they won a special place in my heart with their post on vegan cheese pizza advocacy throughout the Chicago area. Vegans shouldn’t have to go pizza-less! Help them raise awareness for their cause by creating a great logo design, and maybe my vegan friends can go eat out more often with me.

Glance #2: Substance Eco-friendly Clothing Logo
The Award: $500
End Date: October 19th
The Breakdown: Substance is a new men’s eco-friendly clothing line with an interesting concept – clothing from hemp in an upscale fashion. Normally, when I hear the word “hemp,” I think of straight up hippy-chic. It will be interesting to see it being used in a more urban, edgy way. Substance hopes to educate its buyers on how hemp is a viable alternative that helps preserve dwindling natural clothing resources, and they want a logo that reflects their target audience: the thinking man.

Glance #3: Blog for Audrey Hipburn
The Award: $700
End Date: October 22nd
The Breakdown: Audrey Hipburn (love the play on the name!) is a self-proclaimed fanatic for web standards-based design. This CSS/XHTML + PHP coder extraordinaire wants a sleek, fun, retro-ish design for her blog, and she’s looking for a crowdSPRING creative to do a web design – 2 pages (the Home page + the single post post page). Audrey references this Smashing Magazine post on retro + vintage elements in modern web design, which is a nice read for anyone who admires this iconic style, as a point of inspiration. I’m a big fan of the retro look, so I can’t wait to see more submissions!

Glance #4: FYIndOut.Com Website
The Award: $800
End Date: October 24th
The Breakdown: FYIndout is a great website where professionals can find and promote commercial solutions. Think of the site as a Yelp for all professional services, where you can read and post reviews. Do you absolutely love your accountant? Tell the world! The company originally came to crowdSPRING for their logo, and we found out to our pleasant surprise that they were a Chicago-based startup. We had Scott and Tony, the founders of FYIndout, over for lunch last week, and they are a great bunch of guys. They told us they needed to re-design the website, and where else would they look but crowdSPRING?

There you have it for this week, folks. Tune in next week for more Glances of Awesomeness, and feel free to send me any leads!

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