Not-So-Creative Design: EcoGeek vs. Intel admin | July 17th, 2008

A while ago, Ross began an interesting primer on Concept Copying, an issue which often comes up in the design world (Look for him to finish up Part 3 shortly).

Regardless of whether creatives are graphic designers, musicians, or filmmakers, they all draw inspiration from other works. Take a band like British rock act Oasis, who’ve sold over 18 million copies of their sophomore release, (What’s the Story) Morning Glory. They are a hugely successful modern rock act with multiple hit singles. If you listen to a song like “Don’t Look Back in Anger,” there’s no denying that The Beatles were a huge influence on Oasis. The same statement goes for The Beatles, whose early music is heavily influenced by Chuck Berry, and so forth.

However, drawing inspiration from other creatives is very different than blatantly stealing their work.

The Twitter-verse went crazy yesterday as news circulated that microprocessor giant Intel stole from the blogosphere. They yanked environmental-friendly tech blog EcoGeek‘s logo design to use in several slides for their Centrino processor launch.

(EcoGeek’s logo, designed by Peter Holm)

(EcoGeek’s logo, as used by Intel PR)

According to EcoGeek, Intel also released the slides to the public with full sharing rights. It will be interesting to see how the company’s lawyers handle the situation. Looks like somebody in their PR department is in big trouble!

(Click here for the original post, including many interesting comments.)

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  • sonnygill

    It’s surprising to see that Intel would do this. For a large corp. that probably has unlimited resources, why? It’ll be interesting to see how this turns out; trademark/copyright laws coming into play, perhaps a % given to ecogeek for use of their logo?

    Are stricter punishments/guidelines needed for the smaller businesses? Big biz will always have the power with $ and legal, but what about the companies/designers who don’t have that luxury?

  • McKellier

    I’m not defending Intel, who should know better, but I think the use of the leaf/power button logo has more relevance for Intel – ecogeek logo doesn’t fit – maybe they should spend the any potential lawsuit winnings on a crowdspring project to get a new logo! 🙂

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