Cell phone ads for all my friends! Mike | July 16th, 2008

The NY Times recently published some data on cell phone text advertising. In May, almost 20% of cell phone users received one or more ads in the form of text messages. Yikes.

But this does bring up some interesting possibilities for our community and perhaps opportunity is bubbling. Instead of text messages, why not graphic content? Instead of links, why not motion graphics? Many (most?) of us can send and receive images on our phones and plenty of us can play back video. How long until these advertisers realize that they can distinguish their offerings visually? The NYT story indicated that industries including entertainment, fashion, food service, automobile, and consumer electronics were getting in on this. These are industries that have mastered the art of advertising in other mediums and now the leading edge is pushing onto the cell phone.

I wonder how long it will be before the first project for the “little screen” is posted on cS?

From many minds, the perfect design. Post your project today and let the crowd wow you!

  • fredK

    Shouldn’t be too long considering the onslaught of the quikspeeded iPhone (want to find out what quikspeed is, listen to Tricky (Abbaon Fat Tracks/Maxinquaye) …) Google did a survey not long ago, at least according to Appleytes, which says that the iPhone is the most used handheld device for web browsing, so these users should be fairly receptive to visual media on the small screen, perhaps even more receptive than the average mobilePhoner who is probably (my guess, not backed by scientific hoo-haa) more receptive to pure text messages. I could be wrong of course, probably due to the fact that my current mobile isn’t 3G or MMS capable, it’s just a phone. Well, it has a poor excuse of a camera, but I use a _Camera_ for taking pix. Anyway, there’s a big pitfall with SMS and MMS advertising. It’s called s*p*a*m. I don’t want ads sent to me willy-nilly, there would have to be some form of opt-in thing employed on a global level, imho. An SMS that looks like an ad in the preview on my phone? Goes straight to the wastebin without being opened. The same would apply for MMS’ if I had that. But that’s just my two pennies.

  • coco

    Call me1:0751374070

  • coco

    Call me1:0751374070

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