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Unusual Bus Stops Around The World

Ross Kimbarovsky | May 21st, 2008 stop-chicago-300x232.jpg

I used to commute by train to my office in the center of Chicago. While walking from the train, I passed many bus stops. In the United States, most bus stops look like the photo below (a bus stop in Chicago). Recently, I saw a photo of a bus stop in Japan (below) which I […]

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Threadless on the cover of Inc. Magazine – Congrats!

Ross Kimbarovsky | May 20th, 2008 threadless-inc-222x300.jpg

A huge congratulations to Threadless for making the cover of the current issue of Inc. magazine! Inc. calls Threadless “The Most Innovative Small Company in America” and this recognition is well deserved. You can read the entire article by Max Chafkin here.

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Value and values

Mike | May 20th, 2008

crowdSPRING values creativity. crowdSPRING values creative people. We put a great deal of thought into ways we could walk this walk in our business model. We developed for tools and features to protect creatives that other sites do not offer. We insist that buyers deposit with us the full amount of the award and we […]

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Nike Logo – $35 Well Spent

Ross Kimbarovsky | May 20th, 2008 nike.jpg

Nike and its “Swoosh” logo, is one of the world’s most recognized brands. It was created in 1971 by Carolyn Davidson, a graphic design student at Portland State University. Ms. Davidson was doing freelance design work for Phil Knight’s company, Blue Ribbon Sports. Mr. Knight, who was teaching an accounting class at Portland State University, […]

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Scotch Tape Art

Ross Kimbarovsky | May 19th, 2008 sumo-225x300.jpg

Two ad agencies – JVM/Neckar (Germany) and Altoforma (Spain) recently came out with ads for different brands of scotch tape. The ads were unusual in two ways. First, both used packing tape to create art. Second – both approached the campaigns in similar ways – which shows that sometimes, different people can think of similar […]

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U.S. Patents – Celebrity Edition

Ross Kimbarovsky | May 18th, 2008 houdini-200x300.jpg

I smile every time I am reminded about what Charles H. Duell, the Commission of the U.S. Office of Patents said in 1899: “Everything that can be invented has been invented.” It seems he was mistaken. The United States Patent and Trademark Office issues over 150,000 patents each year. It took 75 years to get […]

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Design for skaters

Mike | May 17th, 2008 picture-1-300x251.png

My 13 year old son is an avid skateboarder and talented young artist. Between those two activities he typically burns about 75% of his free time. I recently found a site that he has fallen in love with, because it has found a way to bring those two activities together for him. is the […]

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Creative Product Design: Audio Speakers

Ross Kimbarovsky | May 16th, 2008 spharon-300x240.jpg

I am fascinated by creative product design. Take audio speakers, as an example. For a number of years (except this year, unfortunately — too busy with crowdSPRING), I’ve attended the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. I typically spend a substantial amount of time at the audio exhibits. I am always amazed when I see […]

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Shout To Other Blogs…

Ross Kimbarovsky | May 14th, 2008

We launched crowdSPRING (after a 9 week closed beta) just a few days ago, and already, a couple of blogs have taken the time to put together short reviews. youthedesigner wrote a nice summary earlier today. 5thumbs published a review yesterday that nicely captures who we are. We wanted to send a huge thanks to […]

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The Power of Imagination

Ross and Mike | May 14th, 2008

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”– Albert Einstein Creativity is not influenced by who you are, where you live or what you do. Creativity is not defined by job titles, age, experience or the size of a portfolio. Creativity encircles us all. The explosion of “user generated content” […]

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