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The United Nations and crowdSPRING

Ross | September 16th, 2011

Recently, crowdSPRING hosted a project for the United Nations Population Fund 7 Billion Actions Campaign. The Campaign was developed to raise awareness around the opportunities and challenges associated with a world of seven billion people (we are expected to hit that mark around October 31, 2011), and to inspire governments, NGO’s private industry, media, academia and […]

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Project Galleries: Public Vs. Private

Audree | September 7th, 2011

Although project galleries on crowdSPRING can be visible to all users, crowdSPRING offers buyers the option to make their project galleries completely private. We put together this short tutorial to help you understand the differences between public and private galleries and to answer some of the most common questions we regularly hear from users, including: […]

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