Simple Messages Can Be Very Powerful Ross | February 20th, 2010

I was disappointed by the advertising on the superbowl a few weeks ago. Most of the ads were terrible and several were incomprehensible.

Some of the more effective ads shared a common trait: they were simple and focused. Simple messages work. Simple is memorable and understandable. That’s one reason why Google’s search ad during the superbowl scored so high with viewers.

Some question whether it’s possible for simple messages to communicate complex ideas and subjects. For me, the following video communicates an important message and reinforces emotion and safety – all without a single spoken word or the violence that we often see in similar ads.

What do you think?

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  • Amy Bryan

    This is a great commercial here. It is very powerful. The Google commercial was also a good one that let the imagination fill in the blanks. I agree that the commercials this year left me a little disappointed. Sometimes less is more.

  • Heather Villa

    Wow! That’s very innovative. I love it.

    What gets me are the commercials that are about something totally unrelated to the product, especially auto commercials. Some of them I just don’t get.

  • Nick Scheynen

    Waaw !!! I’m impressed very nice !

  • Tony Faustino

    Ross: You’re absolutely right simplicity rules. My wife told me that that the Google ad almost made her start crying! I think @AmyBryan’s point that this commercial left a lot to the imagination is why the reaction was personalized by so many people.

    It’s amazing how the Google ad resonated with so many people. After all, John Batelle and Ken Auletta have well-documented that Larry Page and Sergey Brin have historically perceived public relations and marketing as a member of “the dark side.”

    Many thanks for a great post.

  • Robin Oppenlander

    Amy: Yeah the Parisian Love by Google was also my favorite one.

    I have started to see not just charities but in all areas of advertising experimenting with this. If your product or service is good, honest or in this case message of saving lives it will draw people in because it is so radical from what we are all use to.

    I mean the FCC had to regulate on tv-spots because they’ve been jacking up the volume 30% which is so annoying. I welcome more of this and look forward to a more honest way of doing business.

    Robin Oppenlander

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