Creative Product Design: Audio Speakers Ross | May 16th, 2008

I am fascinated by creative product design. Take audio speakers, as an example. For a number of years (except this year, unfortunately — too busy with crowdSPRING), I’ve attended the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. I typically spend a substantial amount of time at the audio exhibits. I am always amazed when I see unusual audio speakers. Sure – some of these “unusual” speakers can cost $50,000 + (and before you ask whether a speaker is worth so much money – the answer is – if you have so much money to spend on a speaker (I wish I did), it can be!)

I thought I’d share a few examples, because they nicely demonstrate that creativity is without limits (both in imagination – and price) for all types of design, including industrial design.

One of the most unusual looking audio speakers in the world is made by a German company, Hermann Winters KG (model: Spharon Excalibur). For those who have not heard true horn speakers – WOW!

Another very interesting audio speaker (model: Dogma) is sold by ClaraVox (Italy).

I couldn’t leave out one of my absolute favorite speakers in the world – the mbl 101E Radialstrahler Reference (Germany).

And of course, we must not forget the Nautilus from Bowers & Wilkins (U.K).

Only seven months to go before the next Consumer Electronics Show…

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  • Kai

    Wow… those designs are amazing.

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